The website in 2014

As you can see, the look of the website has changed a little this month, but the material on it is roughly the same. I decided to change my WordPress account, which just meant that I couldn’t have the same design. It actually turned out that I didn’t use (or need) a lot of the perks I paid for in 2013, so the look is the only thing that had to be altered. The only thing I’m paid for this year, was the domain name.

This is partly because I can’t really afford throwing money away on what I still thought was a pretty boring web site design and also, because I really want to make my own from scratch. The plans (as described in my previous post) are still there, but I can’t say when exactly I’ll have time for it. “Unfortunately” I am in the luxury situation of having a lot of upcoming projects and will have to prioritize, but I am starting a new education next week, which will also concern web programming, so, who knows, it might just happen earlier than expected!

But in the mean time, I hope you’ll enjoy following this page and checking out my portfolio!

Neon Zally


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2 responses to “The website in 2014

  1. Helle Andersen

    Great Photo

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