A new website in 2014

I’ve decided to make a new website that I will launch in the new year! My WordPress subscribtion runs out by then and it made me decide that it was about time that I made a home-made website – just like I’ve always wanted to.

Today I made a super quick “sketch” of an idea I’ve actually carried around for a couple of years. I’ve always wanted a more creative web site, but, on one hand, I haven’t had the technical skills to make it happen and, on the other, I’ve not really had the time. To be honest, I’m not sure I can necesarily make it work the way I really want it to, but I’ve decided to try anyway!

Here’s the idea:

I want a web site that is like an interactive dolls’ house – where everything is a collage of real miniatures. To explain this, I’ve made a mock-up layout using pictures from the web and a few of my own:

Mock-up website house

When you run the curser over and object, you’ll find that the object represents a part of the menu:

Mock-up website house menu

When you click on a menu button, a window pops up.

Mock-up website house with animation pop-up

It would be awsome if there could be a little animation as well. My idea is to photograph the miniatures that I make myself individually and then animate a few frames that will be activated once you click the image.

But anyway, I’m definitely not promosing that the web site will look like this in January, but I will at least make a temporary more “standard” web site that I can launch by then. I just thought I’d share my ideas with you guys! If you have any input, please comment below or on my Facebook page.

Have an amazing day!






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